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Best sauces in Japan

Exquisite natural sauces since 1947

Specialized in the development of natural sauces, Kensho has preserved its traditional methods of manufacture for more than seventy years. This requirement is today its pride and fame across the country. Kensho sauces are made exclusively from local fruits and vegetables that have received extreme attention from carefully selected growers.

Time, tradition, taste

In the composition of Kensho sauces, no place for chemical additives, dyes, preservatives and other chemical sweeteners. Authenticity remains the priority and guides traditional Kensho artisans in developing their 100% homemade recipes. Some marry up to twenty-five different natural ingredients! From this requirement comes the unique taste of Kensho sauces.

A flavor like no other: Umami

No sweet, no acid, no salty, no bitter ... The Umami defines in Japan the fifth taste identifiable by the man. Kensho sauces take up this unique challenge, combining Umami with color, combining seaweed and dried fish with a natural pale brown color obtained from unrefined raw cane sugar.

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