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Since it was founded in 1947, YAMACHU, located in the Saeki valley, Oita prefecture on Kyushu island, south of Japan, has always centred their activities on products from the sea.

At the same time, Japanese eating habits have seriously changed.
Traditional Japanese products, such as seaweed, are once again considered as healthy. Freshness is one of the major criteria of quality, whether the seaweed is eaten fresh or rehydrated after having been very carefully dried. Yamachu, specialist in the production and sale of dried seaweed, has invested in high technology equipment with the help of the traditional experienced fishermen they work with.
The concept of the "Seaganic " range is first and foremost to maintain the authenticity of the seaweed, their flavour, texture, taste, fragrance…everything natural, their original appearance, without the slightest hint of colour, additive or preservative.
The consumer will end up with healthy, reliable products at a reasonable price. The beneficial effects as well as the nutritional value of seaweed are recognized all over the world today.
Real fruit and vegetables from the sea, they are searched out for those wishing to eat a healthy diet. The specialty of Yamachu is that today they are able to offer a complete range of different guaranteed Japanese seaweed while constantly monitoring food safety and maintaining a perfect traceability (they obtained an ISO9001 certification, 2000 version, in 2002).

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