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Kajita Shoten, a soy sauce specialist in Nakamura, city of Ozu, Ehime Prefecture, was founded in 1874.

The name Tatsumi, used for its soy sauces, comes from Ryujin, the "dragon god". Mr. Kajita has been perpetuating and protecting his trade secrets for over 140 years. In family Kajita’s tradition, the taste of soy sauces is controlled exclusively by the " tongue ". Only the tasting of the Master-Craftsmen validate the placing of their products on the market.

The search for tradition and authenticity is omnipresent in the making of their soy and miso sauces. The elaboration must be natural.

Soy sauce also plays a very important role in enhancing the flavour of the main ingredients and making the dishes delicious. A soy sauce that adapts to all dishes is an authentic one.

Since 2002, the Kajita family has been selecting the best ingredients to make its soy sauces. The natural, long-lasting brewing is done exclusively in cedar barrels over a century old, without the addition of any additives whatsoever. Raw materials are sourced locally: soya from Fukuyutaka, chikugoizumi and minaminokaori wheats produced in Ehime, sea salt from Kagawa.

The yeast used to make these grand cru soy sauces changes every day and depends on the weather conditions. To preserve the harmony of the flavours transmitted over the last 140 years, the Master-Craftsmen constantly carry out quality controls on the yeast by using the five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.

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