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From the deeps of the Ariake Sea

Nori seaweed specialist since 1971, Sanpuku Nori cultivates with passion the love of a flavour from afar...
Nori seaweed from the Saga Prefecture, in the north west of Kyushu island, blossoms on the edge of the Ariake Sea.
Over and above its flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture, its nutritional values are exceptional: it is richer in vitamins than vegetables !
Without forgetting minerals, fibres, calcium and iron which make it a 100% healthy and natural.
Production secrets At Sanpuku Nori, nori production begins by a rigorous selection of the top of the tops amongst seaweed, according to their perfume, taste and eating experience. This essential stage determines the quality of the product you eat.
Then the seaweed is dried and frozen. Respecting the authenticity of the taste and the production process, Sanpuku Nori master craftsmen are particularly attentive to the storage of this fragile food where the taste can quickly change if we are not careful.
The final product with its uniform colour, perfect glisten, offers an unequalled soft texture.

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