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Japanese Curry

Curry was introduced to Japan in the late nineteenth century by the British.
In reality, it was western stews mixed with curry powder.

Japanese people adapted curry to their own version, in 3 major variations: curry rice, karē udon and karē-pan.

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  • "Herbal Cuisine" Curry roux, palm oil free

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    This curry was developed under the supervision of a medicinal cooking school in Kamakura. It is based on spices blended with ingredients characteristic of medicinal herbs, such as orange daylily, pink silk tree flowers and black kikurage mushroom, to create a curry with a pleasant aroma and richness.

    This mixture is suitable for preparing 5 plates. Dilute with 600 ml of water or stock off the heat.

  • "Be beautiful" Curry Roux, palm oil free

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    From €5.60

    This curry roux is carefully stir-fried in Japanese domestic wheat flour and rice oil with aromatic vegetables.

    No animal-derived ingredients are used, so the flavour of the vegetables and fruit is concentrated in a light but tasty way. Ingredients are carefully selected, so that even vegetarians can enjoy the taste.

    This mix is suitable for preparing 5 plates

  • Red curry

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    From €25.00

    Japanese curry is famous throughout the world. Thicker and stickier than Indian curry, it is also not as strong and very fragrant.


Curry is now found in every Japanese household, restaurant and caterer.
However, it is quite different from most other curries in the world, due to its thicker consistency and sweet and salty taste.
Sweet taste notes come from the onions, carrots, honey and apple pulp. There are many variations of Japanese curry, depending on the region and household, but the most basic one uses chicken.
Its major characteristic comes from the roux made for its preparation.

The curry roux lends a unique depth of aromatic spice flavor and creaminess to the dish. Each brand of curry roux generally offers three levels of spiciness: mild, medium or hot, but the level of spiciness is not nearly as strong as that of Thai or Indian curry.

You can add your own twist to Japanese curry by adding mashed bananas, orange or apricot marmalade, yogurt, butter, chocolate, sake...

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