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The passion for fruit !
Since 1897, citrus fruit from the groves of Ito farm, in the heart of Wakayama province, send the tastebuds of Japanese connoisseurs into raptures.

Grown on south facing terraced fields helped on by 100% natural fertilizers, they take advantage of the maximum amount of sunshine giving them their particularly juicy and tasty characteristics.
The best of juice !
At Ito farm, production based on concentrated fruit juice quite simply isn't allowed !

Without colour, preservative nor additives, the Japanese citrus fruit juice and marmalade – yuzu, mikan, amanatsu, sudachi, daidai and lemon – are made with the first press, hand pressed, which gives the fruit an intense fragrance and absolute freshness.

To provide a real yuzu juice, Ito Farm has developed an original pressing method. In order to prevent the outer and inner skins from mixing with the juice, the citrus fruit is cut into two half-spheres. Each half sphere is placed on a hemispherical mold and gently pushed with another hemispherical bowl to press only the pulp. The juice is then immediately chilled to preserve its freshness and nutritional qualities. The skin retains its original shape and its qualities after pressing as it is not pressed too hard. While a pure 100% juice is very thick, this original method allows to obtain a pure juice only from the pulp, with a very refreshing taste. This juice is guaranteed without sugar, additive or added preservative. Industrial in-line pressing methods and the chopped pulp method make it possible to obtain about 40-45% of fruit juice. The Ito Noen method only gets 30% juice from the fruit.

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