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The nihonshu of the Lords

Katsuyama sake brewery established in the second half of the 17th century, more precisely between 1650 and 1688, in the current Prefecture of Miyagi controlled then by a very powerful Samurai Chief (Sengoku Daimyõ) answering the name Date Masamune. The region of Sendaï was his Kingdom and owed his financial power to the cultivation of rice, a real currency at the time but also a symbol of financial power.

Date Masamune was a lover of art and good meat, gourmet and particularly fond of fermented rice wines commonly called sake. Our Lord in question, in order to secure his permanent supply of sake, then appointed six financially well- established (prosperous) families to create real sake breweries and elaborate high-end sake to supply himself and his family. To do this, the families had to buy him the best rice, very expensive. The fruit of this rice trade also enabled him to maintain his armies. The Isawa family created the Katsuyama house at their request and started making homemade sakes: the Gozenchu. Since then, three and a half centuries have passed and, from these 6 elected families, only the Isawa family, owner and operator of the brand KATSUYAMA, has survived in the high end and continues brilliantly, led by the twelfth generation in the person of Jihei Isawa. It should be noted that the Date family still exists and that its current 34th generation continues to be provided by the Isawa family! The range we offer comes in 6 nihon-shu, among which 4 Gozenshu which tasting will surprise you enormously (their consumption was reserved, in the past, exclusively to the Lords). These Gozenshu are extraordinary, surprising, confusing, and rare and can’t leave you indifferent. One thing is certain, it will be very difficult for you, having tasted these nectars of the Lords, to revel in the same way with all the other sake or nihonshu present on the market.

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