Our story

Specialized in the export business of traditional French gourmet products in Japan since 1995, I had several times the occasion to meet my clients, chefs and wholesalers, and discover many surprising and high quality products completely unknown for our westerner's palates.

During spring 2008,in a piano-bar in Kyoto, my Japanese associate presented me a small sardine tin which he put down on the piano in front of me. My first reaction was to smile at his plan to impress me -as a born and raised Breton, moreover from Finistère, his attempt to surprise me with a product I grew up with was amusing.
The regular tin, of the marine blue color that we all are used to, displayed a "baby" sardine from the Sea of Japan on its lid. Once opened, my sight sparkled: about fifteen of tiny sardines, shiny, looking as fresh as can be and impeccably lined up. The fragrance coming up of the tin was mild, fruity, almost sweet, and typical of a pure and generous olive oil and sardines. The taste was exquisite: mild, subtle, tender, perfectly seasoned, with a unequalled softness and juiciness. He then started to tell me the story of this product, made following ancient traditional methods in a renowned area facing the Sea of Japan.

To this day, my only regret and my main frustration are that the producer does not possess the export agreement for European Union as the harsh technical requirements would mean extensive financial investment for him.

With this experience, I truly discovered that Japan was a county rich of many local gastronomy and decided to explore each one to pick up the best products and share them with a few passionate chefs and friends in France.
I confess shyly that it was mostly a mean to fulfill my weakness for gourmet food and that my quest was in the first place to satisfy my hobby.

From December 2008, I imported my first little wonders, disclosing them to a few chefs, chocolate and pastries makers… and displayed them during a Parisian fair trade opened to private individuals.

The interest of the consumers, private or professionals, was immediate.
The line-up developed and I finally released a first catalogue to present more in depth the products, craftsmen and uses that I sent to a thousand potential users in the whole Europe, and shortly after I created my own online shop.

Since then, my hobby transformed in a real acclaim of the best tables in France and Europe, pastries and chocolates craftsmen, Nishikidori claimed to be the most beautiful showroom of Japanese craftsmanship, and works every day to make people discover a selection of exceptional products giving materials for tomorrow’s new trends.

The courage, determination and motivation of our Japanese craftsmen, even stronger after the tragic events of March 2011, make us redouble our efforts to keep offering you the best. Our privileged relations and our direct contact with our suppliers allow us to guarantee you quality, traceability, continuity and food safety.

Our promise is simple: find the excellence and accompany you in all of your project and creations.

Olivier DERENNE 
Chief Executive Officer Nishikidôri

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