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Happy Mukoujimaen is located in the Nakasato district of Setodaya, north of Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The workshop is surrounded by high mountains, quiet place where you can hear birds singing all day long.

In 1982, the founder began organic farming, without any pesticide neither chemical fertilizer use, in Fujieda.
His son succeeded him and developed tea growing, processing and selling with a complete organic culture. In 2000, the organic law JAS is promulgated and Happy Mukoujimaen obtained the first organic certification for tea in Japan.
Happy Mukoujimaen applies the so-called "Ippon-jitate" mode to his cultures. In general, the distance between each shrub is less than 30 cm, but the spacing in the case of "Ippon-jitate" is more than 50 cm.
Compared to the ordinary tea tree, the trunk thickness is 10 times wider and roots are 4 times longer. Thus, the tea trees develop their vital power, increase the nutritional value and the antioxidant power of tea. "Ippon-jitate" is a method of cultivation that brings out the greatest power of tea and respects the original tea life.

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