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  • Cut wakame

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    Cut wakame

    Wakame seaweed is now very popular in Europe, present in many delicatessen preparations and in the majority of Japanese cuisine restaurants. Cut wakame corresponds to the body of the wakame seaweed, thick center part being removed, finely chopped. This part of wakame is very tender, delicately iodized, rich in flavor.

  • Superior seaweeds salad

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    Superior seaweeds salad

    Real fruits or vegetables from sea, seaweeds, which beneficial effects as well as nutritional values are recognized all the over the world, are searched for, to be part of a healthy diet.

  • Wild Wakame seaweed

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    Wild Wakame seaweed

    Our wild wakame is harvested during spring and summer times and immediately washed and dried very quickly at high temperature to keep all its fragrances, aromas and taste.