List of products by brand HONDA SHOTEN

Honda Shoten was founded in 1913 as "Sobaya(Soba noodles)" and "Konaya(powder maker)", which is a business of the local product "Soba". The place is located in Kisuki-cho, Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture. It is located in the southern part adjacent to Matsue City and Izumo City. Matsue City is famous for the sunset of Shinji Lake, and Izumo City is famous for the god of marriage from Izumo taisha shrine.

In the past, Kisuki-cho was actively engaged in Tatara* and charcoal burning, after cutting the wood material which became the fuel, the root stock was burned on mountain, and buckwheat was cultivated. It is buckwheat cultivation by slash-and-burn farming method.
It is considered that the unique black soba was born in the Okuizumo area, which was cheap for iron and steel workers, with a good nutritional value and made by all-layer buckwheat flour.
*Tatara is the traditional Japanese furnace used for smelting iron and steel. The traditional steel in Japan comes from ironsand processed in a special way, called tatara system.

It is said that "The soba in the past was delicious." In order to realize the past soba, Honda Shoten has tried three themes, the concept "Real Soba" "Delicious Soba" and "Eat Soba noodles safely", and then they have completed a superb soba.
"Real Soba"
They carefully select domestic raw materials, and use the traditional method of grinding the whole buckwheat. And they use the freshly ground buckwheat flour within 3 days after grinding by themselves. The freshly ground buckwheat flour can make the most sweet and fragrance soba noodles.

"Delicious Soba"
Honda shoten is always thinking about how to brings out the deliciousness of the ingredients, express the affection and hot feelings of maker. And the best thing is people who are eating food of Honda shoten can feel happy.
"Eat Soba noodles safely"
Honda Shoten soba is a healthy and safe soba that uses natural materials without food additives.