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Kamebishi-Ya was founded in 1753 by a Lord, a former Samurai, a general of the Imperial Prince Ikoma of Ako region (Present Hyogo prefecture).
It is sole maker in the world to perpetuate the traditional manufacturing method known as "mushiro kôji" and continues to transmit its manufacturing secrets orally, from generation to generation. Mushiro kôji means that the kôji is made on a mat of rice straw and bamboo.
Today, Okada San daughter and mother, 16th and 17th generation, continue the tradition, in Hiketa district, Higashi-Kagawa town, Kagawa Prefecture, northeast of Shikoku island.
A traditional fermentation method and pure craftsmanship: these are the secrets of the exceptional taste of Kamebishi soy sauces, made from finally selected soybeans then patiently aged in cedar casks.
Kamebishi soy sauces are all made from vintage moromi: 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and 38 years of maturation. These high-quality soy sauces are exceptional, with complex aromas, powerful scents, and velvety texture.

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