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Organic production pioneer in Japan

For more than a century, Yamaki Jozo has been using traditional artisanal production methods to create soy sauce and miso. Their workshops are located in the hills overlooking the city of Saitama in northern Japan. In Japan, only a few producers make shoyu soy sauce only with ingredients grown in Japan and using traditional methods. Japanese soy is high in protein, less fat, sweet after steaming.
Japan has four well-defined seasons: spring, summer (high temperature and humidity), autumn and winter (low temperature). Taking advantage of these characteristic seasons. Particularly low temperatures in winter and high temperatures in the summer (with very high humidity) are ideal conditions for producing quality soy sauce, a pillar of Japanese cuisine, as well as a high quality miso.

At Yamaki Jozo, since 1902, the ingredients are 100% Japanese, cultivated with respect for the environment, without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides, in order to preserve the traditionnal Japanese taste and support the organic or sustainable agriculture of the country. The ingredients grown by their organic production organization MAMETARO has been active for more than sixty years in Japan and is recognized as a pioneer in the field. In addition, the water used in their confections is local (it springs from the top of the mountain facing the company), called "Kamiizumi-sui" or divine spring water (God Spring Water). Slow, natural and traditional fermentation methods, the age-old barrels of cedar used for aging give the organic soy sauce a nice depth of taste. The miso are, of their type, "Nama", unpasteurized, which means that no heat treatment is given during the manufacturing process. Since pasteurization is designed to kill microbes, unpasteurized miso has the best probiotic activity.

Yamaki Jozo produces shoyu sauce soy and organic miso in a sustainable way, thanks to its membership, since its inception, to the largest group of organic farmers in Japan. Nowadays, most of the soybeans available on the market are made in stainless steel cellars, using a system that controls the temperature. In this way, the manufacturer can produce shoyu in just a few months (2 to 3 months). Unlike these shoyu, organic Yamaki Jozo shoyu is naturally and slowly fermented and aged in huge barrels aged over 100 years old.

This traditional organic soy sauce can be used in any type of cooking: stir-fries, marinades, salad dressings, etc. It adds a hidden depth to the dishes.


In terms of miso, very few producers produce miso only with ingredients grown in Japan and using traditional methods. Today, most of the miso available on the market is made in bulk by a temperature control system.

In this way, the manufacturer can produce miso in a few months. At Yamaki Jozo, miso is fermented and aged naturally and slowly using temperature changes over the seasons. Miso is not pasteurized to preserve its beautiful flavors. Unpasteurized miso can be used in any type of cuisine: soups, stews, salad dressings, marinades, etc. It adds a secret umami flavor and depth to the dishes.

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