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MATSUMOTO NORENDO is located in Nachikatsuura in Wakayama Prefecture.

There is one straight waterfall which has a drop of 33 meters; the longest straight waterfall in Japan. Around this area, it was registered as world heritage by UNESCO in 2004.
It is a very popular tour site as a spiritual spot. MATSUMOTO NORENDO was established in 1967 as a food manufacturer to make Kamaboko(steamed fish paste). They mainly make Kamaboko for souvenir, and also make local cuisines.
They strive to make high quality products which meet the customer’s demands. Product name: Ume Kosho The owner wanted to make a condiment goes well with Kamaboko by using Nanko-ume from Kishu which is a specialty in Wakayama.
By a lot of trials and errors, Ume kosho got many good reputations for taste, “this makes the taste better not only for Kamaboko, but also for other dishes”, and then finally commercialized.
Ume kosho can be an accent for dishes with a good combination of the sourness from Ume, and the sharpness from red chili.
You can create your own dishes by using Umekosho, a multiple condiment.
How to eat:
-Eat with Kamaboko
-For stew, meat dishes (Yakiniku, Yakitori, Karaage), fish dishes (Sashimi, Grilled fish), Tofu, Natto, Mozuku seaweed and so on.
-Mix with mayonnaise, ketchup, dressing, soysauce, ponzu and so on.
It is said that Ume has a good effect on recovering from fatigue and intestinal disorder, and helping absorb calcium.

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