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Typical & authentic : UNENO style Dashi

Dashi, at the heart of Japanese cooking
For more than a century, UNENO is one of the best Dashi ambassadors, which is said to be the very essence of Japanese cooking...
This stock is used for a multitude of emblematic dishes.
Made from edible seaweed – Kombu – and flakes of dried bonito – Katsuo-bushi – Dashi embodies the art of Japanese 'haute-cuisine'.
UNENO : ultimate quality Anxious to guarantee the best sourcing possible for the ingredients of its Dashi, defending an authentic preserved quality, "handing down" an exceptional culinary tradition to future generations, UNENO has always been very keen on developing its know-how to make products of the day, responding to consumer's needs. This is why they are always a success with connoisseurs .
UNENO Dashi production secrets
UNENO guarantees that it only uses the best Kombu in its Dashi, coming directly from the Isle of Rishiri in Hokkaïdo (the most famous Japanese origin).
The other Dashi ingredient is dried bonito (Katsuo-bushi).
UNENO constantly ensures respect of fishing and production norms: the bonito is line or net fished, frozen on board, cut on landing then boiled, smoked, dried, sliced, shaped and finally sun-dried.

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