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Naniwa Konbu Honpo is careful of "Wa no Kokoro"(The spirit of Japanese). They are making products with heart so that everyone impressed in a cup of tea, such as their customers who drink Kombu cha (Kobucha, kelp tea), or those who provide kelp tea with hospitality.

Enjoy delicious kelp tea of Naniwa Konbucha Honpo, which is made up of selected materials, original manufacturing method and creative idea.
The secret of taste : Carefully selected "Kombu for Kombu cha" Delicious Kombu cha is only born when "color, taste, scent" becomes together.
Depending on the origin and kind of kelp, color, taste and scent are totally different.
For example, even a tasty Kombu, sometimes the important color or scent as tea does not reach the passing score.
NANIWA KOMBUCHA HONPO use the Makombu from Donan (south of Hokkaido) for making Kombu cha.
It can be said that it is the kelp for Kombu cha that can produce a rich aroma, rich flavor and beautiful color.
A technique which was taught only to the first disciple and never allowed to be taken out of the house.
The passion to put in one professional tasteful Kombu cha has been handed down from craftsmen to craftsmen.
Preferred plum to coloring Kombu cha : NANIWA KOMBUCHA HONPO also selected plums used for Ume Kombu cha By freeze-drying Nanko Ume from Kishu, you can feel the taste of fruit and shiso without losing the flavor.
Please enjoy our unique and real Ume Kombu cha.
Kombu cha : made a new theme with a gentle, not added food additives, and not included allergen.
Selected Japanese ingredients
 . Makombu from Hokkaido
 . Japanese mushrooms
 . Japanese raw sugar
 . Wasanbon syrup from Kagawa
 . Salt from Ehime(Hakata)

This is a combination of carefully selected materials that has never been before, it is a delicious tasteless tea with a mellow flavor and rich aroma.

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