List of products by brand TAKUSEI

TAKUSEI produces many varieties of sesame products since 1977.

 They check the sesame condition by hand as the roasted condition and the content of lipid are different. 

It is not possible to mass production, but to meet the needs of customers, they plan and produce the original product with all heart.

Katsuo flavored sesame

The big size of quality sesame is covered with Katuobushi powder processed by a special fine-grinded method. Only carefully selected sesame is used for this product, so it has a crisp flavor of sesame itself.  The flavorful sesame combined with a rich flavor of Umami from Katsuobushi.

No additives and no chemical seasoning.

You can use it for sprinkling on steamed rice, onigiri, pouring over udon, soba, and okonomiyaki, 

Torokeru Kinako (Melty soybean powder)

The ingredient is Kinako, fine-grinded sesame, Kokuto, and Wasanbon.

Kinako is a very healthy food that can be taken the nutrition of soy beans easily, but some people don’t like the dried texture in mouth. Takusei solved the problem. By adding fine grinded sesame powder, they changed the texture from dried to softly melt. 

Once you put in your mouth, it melts softly in your mouth and the roasted flavor comes up.
You can use it for sprinkling over a buttered toast, mixing with yogurt, and stirring in milk. 

What is Kinako?

Kinako is powder of 100% roasted soybeans. Light golden brown in color. By roasting raw soybeans, it becomes fragrant aroma, then grinded finely. Kinako is used in Japanese sweets such as dango and ohagiand, and also be eaten with rice cake.

This protein and dietary fiber have high nutritional value. You can consume efficiently nutrients because of powder form.