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Yakidashi broths to infuse

No coloring, no additives, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers. A range of dashi broth with flavors increased by 20%. Seto Tekko craftsmen give you access to a professional quality dashi broth.
Dose the amount of dashi stock depending on strength and use sought.

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  • Dried bonito Yakidashi broth

    • In stock
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    From €11.30

    This dashi broth is prepared from dried bonito, cooked instantaneously at high temperature and high pressure, to which are added Kombu seaweed and Shiitake mushrooms sources of Umami flavors.

    Sachets to infuse

  • Superior dashi broth with kombu and shiitake

    • Available soon
    From €6.65

    This kombu and shiitake dashi is made from kombu seaweeds and shiitake mushrooms instantly cooked at a high temperature and pressure. Kombu combined with shiitake is giving high umami flavor.
    The result is simply remarkable: a professional quality dashi broth.

    Sachets to infuse

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