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Nishimura Shoten started a business in 1684, Edo era at Tamaru in Mie prefecture. Tamaru was prosperous as the last station town before entering Ise area as it became territory of Tokugawa family in Kishu (current Wakayama and Mie prefecture) in 1619, who was one of three privileged branches of the Tokugawa family.

According to the order by the feudal lord in Kishu, the founder of Nishimura shoten opened the factory and they started to produce soy sauce and miso in 1684.
Tamaru is the place just next to Ise-jingu shrine and it is a key place where Ise main road, Hatsune road and Kumano road are crossing. They have been running a business and producing soy sauce while they receive much supports and cares by religious people who go to Ise-jingu shrine and other shrines in Kumano are, Wakayama.
Now, they produce Tsuyu and soy sauce containing dashi in addition to soy sauce. They make efforts in order to spread their products into all over Japan.
Today, it is 334 years since their foundation. From now on, they also would like to send authentic and selected their products to other foreign countries. While they keep the traditional process of authentic soy sauce, they always look for new things. And, they create proper quality system with security and safety and always target to produce products which bring pleasure to people.
They are keen on making dashi as they think it is the origin of Japanese food.
They make dashi stock from dried bonito; tatsuobushi, kelp and small dried sardine. Regarding dried bonito, they shave it by themselves.
They would like to express authentic Japanese good taste by mixing their dashi and soy sauce and would like people to experience real and traditional Japanese foods in everyday life.
Their philosophy is to keep tradition with latest techniques. It is inherited to current staffs since foundation.

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