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sesame fineness par excellence

small scale traditional production...

Over three generations the Yamada Seiyu family has established a reputation throughout Japan thanks to products made from the best sesame seeds and total respect for production traditions. A continued tradition which puts Yamada Seiyu on the level of exceptional craftwork, with only eleven employees all of whom are master craftsmen in working sesame. 

... of great renown

Choose the sesame rigorously, know how to take time, to work in minute details... These three standards are the strength, quality and authenticity of Yamada Seiyu, whose products are distributed to the most well-known delicatessens and stores in Japan.

Sesame : time-taking, natural, manual elaboration

Yamada Seiyu products, which contain no additives, are made from rigorously selected imported sesame or, more rarely from domestic sesame grown by Yamada Seiyu itself. Step by step the Yamada Seiyu master craftsmen work the seeds by hand following an ancestral process. Long weeks are needed to roast the seed in the wood-fired ovens, press them, wash the oil, purify it, and finally filter it to obtain a beautiful, golden sesame oil sought out by the connoisseur.

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