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Shiga Prefecture has a long story of tea growing.

Ancient records indicate the first batch of tea seeds were brought to Japan by a priest named Saicho in 805 from China in the the Tang Period.
These seeds were planted the seeds in Shiga Prefecture. This area was originally called the Omi province, which is related with the company name.
Maruyoshi-oumicha was established in 1902 as a tea wholesaler. It is located in Kouka, Shiga Prefecture where is rich in nature at the bottom of the Suzuka mountain range.
The amount of handling Omi tea (green tea harvested in Shiga) is the biggest and establish as one of the main tea wholesaler in Shiga.
Maruyoshi-oumicha delivers carefully selected high quality tea from local farmers. Hôjicha is a kind of Japanese green tea that is distinguished from others because it is roasted; Japanese tea is usually steamed.
Hôjicha has the pleasant aroma of tea being roasted and refreshing taste. Hôjicha leaf is harvested from the same trees as sencha-grade leaves, but the harvest season of the leaves is different.
In general, Sencha uses young leaves harvested from April to August, and Hojicha uses grown leaves harvested from late summer to winter.
Hôjicha is low in tannin and caffeine. It is good to drink for babies, and also expecting mothers, elderly people, and sick people. For the health benefits, Hôjicha contains high polysaccharide levels, which is effective for burning body fat, lowering the blood sugar level, preventing diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Hôjicha powder Hojicha powder is made of 100% Hôjicha leaf, which means the whole nutrition of Hojicha leaf can be had.
As the powder is extremely fine, it is easy to mix in liquid, so it can be used for beverages, sweets and dishes to enrich the taste. (Hôjicha au lait, cookie, cake and others)

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