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Our tsukemono artisan is Miyagi Shoten, created in 1898.

In its early days, it specialised in making miso and soy sauce.
The second generation of the company found its business turned upside down by the war as they were unable to find soya or rice. Unable to continue making miso and soy sauce, it began specialising in making pickles (from vegetables) and tsukudani (preserved foods boiled in soy sauce) made from local vegetables and wild plants. The current 4th generation is committed to redeveloping the traditional pickle culture in the Shinshu region.

Its brand "Konohanaya"is famous throughout Japan. The region of Sinshu, in Nagano Prefecture, recognises 57 varieties of vegetables as "traditional vegetables".
The mark Konohanaya gives preference to local products - vegetable condiments, apricots, Kinasa physalis jam, pickles with Togakushi herbs.

Reasons to choose the Konohanaya tsukemonos are :
1- Ecological, local products, which are seasonal and easily preserved with a balanced amount of salt throughout the year
2- Healthy foods, which preserve their nutritional values, vitamins and minerals and fibre, even though fermented.
3- Vegetables which can be used as seasoning - delicious, tender and rich in nutrients.

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