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  • Vanilla Pompona gourmet

    • In stock
    From €6.20

    Vanilla pompona is a rare vanilla. It is native to the tropical regions of Central America (Mexico...). The vine needs a support to grow (trees, other vines) and can measure up to 20 meters.

  • Pure black Bourbon vanilla powder

    • In stock
    From €19.95

    These are vanilla pods that have been dried and reduced to a powder. This powder is very aromatic, easy to use and excellent value for money.

  • Unsplit Planifolia Black Gourmet Vanilla

    • In stock
    From €12.40

    This Indonesian vanilla, growing on volcanic soils, is undoubtedly the closest to the Bourbon vanilla of Madagascar. Our craftsman works it according to the same Malagasy techniques. Slightly less loaded in vanillin, it is nevertheless powerful, strongly aromatic, on notes of very ripe red fruits, touches of cocoa, very ripe banana, candied fig, caramel, bread with grapes, milk jam, old rum.

  • Vanilla flavored sugar

    • In stock
    From €8.65

    The cane sugar used is organic panela, pure organic raw black cane sugar from Colombia, with characteristic notes of biscuit, speculos, caramel, liquorice and honey.

  • Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla

    • In stock
    From €12.50

    Unsplit tahitensis Black Gourmet Vanilla

    This vanilla is distinguished by a rich aroma, more subtle than vanilla planifolia.
    The aromatic is a powerful concentrate: caramel, honey, milk, spices (nutmeg, nutmeg, cinnamon, Jamaica Bay), floral (tropical flowers), and wild berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries), even fruity (orange), dried fruits and small touches of liquorice.
    We also like the accents of rum grape, very ripe plums, tobacco leaves.

  • Vanilla white pepper

    • In stock
    From €48.00

    The nose of Vanilla White Pepper is subtle, expressing the warm and sweet notes of vanilla. After milling, the notes are fresh, vegetal and floral, with a dominant mint, touches of citrus and eucalyptus.

    Note : the packaging of this article is not suitable for gift boxes

  • Whole vanilla, unscracked pods - Madagascar

    • Available soon
    From €9.95

    Sensual, warm, sweet, greedy, powerful floral aromas of prune, dried fig and date. This vanilla will be perfect in the sweet register (creams, ice creams, fruit salads, pastries or even biscuits).

    Note : the packaging of this article is not suitable for gift boxes

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