Spices mix

Spice mixes

Comptoir des Poivres is pleased to present its range of spice mixes.
Flavours from here and there...
We have created, tested and packaged them in our factory using only our peppers and spices of the highest quality.
Each element has been carefully chosen, weighed to the gram, for a unique result.
We have created these blends to offer you a tasty and fragrant cuisine everyday.
You can easily use them in your stews, marinades, barbecues and sauces.
Some of our blends will also enhance your pastries, desserts or fruit salads.

  • Real peppercorns
    <p>Le Poivre est originaire de la Côte de Malabar au sud-ouest de l'Inde. C'est une liane qui appartient à la famille botanique des Pipéracées.On en trouve aujourd'hui dans de nombreux pays de la ceinture tropicale. Le vrai poivre est issu des lianes tropicales de Piper Negrum dont on tire le poivre blanc, noir, rouge ou vert, et Piper Longum, le poivre long. D'autres se présentent sous la forme d'une baie portant une queue. Les faux poivres possède tout le piquant des vrais poivres. Certains sont plus doux ou plus fruités. Ils sont en fait issus d'une autre plante, bien différente du Piper.</p>
  • Sugar CDP
  • Powdered spices
  • Chillies & Paprika
  • False Peppercorns
    <p>Les faux poivres possèdent tout le piquant des vrais poivres. Ils ressemblent véritablement aux vrais poivres ; d'aucuns sont doux, fruités ou relevés. Néanmoins ils sont issus d'une autre plante que le Piper Nigrum. Dans les temps anciens,"le Roi des épices" était une monnaie d'échange, longtemps réservé à une élite. Conscients de ce potentiel et de cette valeur, producteurs et marchands ont appelé les "faux poivres" les baies roses, baies de Sechuan, de Timut et autres épices, présentant elles-aussi un intérêt certain.</p>
  • Whole spices
    <p>Comptoir des Poivres offers a wide selection of whole or shaved spices. Turmeric, nutmeg, cloves, pistachios, aniseed and cocoa beans will delight cooks, pastry chefs and gourmets.</p>
  • Flowers & Fruits
  • Zest & citrus powder
  • Spice leaves
  • Peugeot pepper mills
    <p>All our Peugeot mills have a steel mechanism for durability and an adjustable grinder to control the seasoning of your dish.</p>
  • Gift boxes
    <p>Discover our luxurious gift boxes to offer or to treat yourself.</p>
  • Salts
  • Vanilla

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  • Raz El Hanout standard - Spices mix

    From €5.10

    Our Raz el Hanout has very fresh aromas and flavors brought by the cardamom and ginger.


    Mix created, assembled and packaged in France by Le Comptoir des poivres.

  • Shrimp and shellfish - Spices mix

    From €6.00

    Here is a blend that breathes summer, salt marshes, bayous.
    The nose returns notes of straw, hay, on grilled accents, touches of candied onion and garlic, ripe tomato. Palate is rich, with hints of gourmet broth, ginger freshness, well-dosed cumin, and the cleverly measured, moderate chili pepper spiciness.

    Mix created, assembled and packaged in France by Le Comptoir des poivres.

  • Gourmet fries - Spices mix

    From €5.00

    A gourmet blend with a holidays touch, barbecue, family reunion or country gathering feel. Salt is well balanced, paprika just right. Raw black sugar adds the perfect amount of crunch and cumin adds almost toasty notes.

    Mix created, assembled and packaged in France by Le Comptoir des poivres.

  • Madagascar Curry

    From €8.90

    The mixture is at the same time fresh, floral, spicy. All the ingredients that compose it have been sorted for their taste and smell: nothing but the best.

  • Sweet criollo cocoa powder - Spices mix

    From €6.55

    Criollo cocoa is reputed to be the best in the world, the noblest, the most refined. The ground beans have a powerful taste, elegant, fine, delicate, aromatic notes. We have selected this variety to make our sweet, totally natural, low acid and low bitter cocoa powder.

    Mix created, assembled and packaged in France by Le Comptoir des poivres.

  • Sunday Chicken - Spices mix

    From €5.50

    Roast chicken is undoubtedly Sunday meal symbol to share with the family. A good roast chicken secret lies in its cooking and in the spices mixture used.
    As soon as it comes out of the oven, the smoky aromas should invade the nostrils and provoke salivation. <
    This mixture is very simple to use. Nothing to add, no salt, no pepper, everything is there.

    Mix created, assembled and packaged in France by Le Comptoir des poivres.

  • Classic gingerbread - Spices mix

    From €5.80

    This mixture will surprise you with its sweet, floral, fruity aromas. Star anise brings freshness and Madagascar cinnamon a lot of softness and sweetness.

    Mix created, assembled and packaged in France by Le Comptoir des poivres.