Glasses & carafes

Glasses & carafes

  • Nikko porcelain
    <p>NIKKO porcelain is very famous in Japan. The great restaurants are fond of its quality and sobriety. Nikko porcelain dishes are also popular with honeymooners, as gifts for Mother's Day and Grandmother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday Gifts, End of Year Celebrations. year, baptisms ...<br />The plates introduced are service-sized serving plates commonly used in Japan. It is common to use small plates of this size to share food. The whole rice bowl and chopstick holder are also common on the daily table.<br />The cup and mini cup set are used when eating soba noodles.<br />Traditionally, the cup is used to contain the tsuyu sauce served to enjoy the soba noodles and the small cup is used for the presentation of condiments.<br />The selected Nikko porcelain collection is part of the finely structured Komon Asobi design, which meaning can be translated to "enjoy the elegant and playful heart of the Edo era".</p>
  • Lacquers
    <p>Lacquered elm makes you want to travel. Their high quality confection and colour take us to the most famous Japanese tables</p>
  • All Japanese Tableware
    <p>Japanese ramen bowls, sashimi plates, sushi dishes, rice bowls, teapots, bento boxes directly from Japan, all the art of the Japanese culture on your table</p>
  • Bowls

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