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Long pepper

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  • Long black pepper from Kampot

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    From €8.90

    The catkins of this long pepper have an exceptional series of scent notes. There are warm, slightly sweet notes evoking gingerbread. These are followed by spicy notes with peaks of cinnamon and a vegetable freshness reminiscent of bell peppers and dried tomatoes. To taste the flavours are slightly sweet, the flavour spreads slowly, the spice isn't sharp, around 5-6 on the Comptoir des Poivres scale and causes a beautiful warm sensation with a slight tingling.

  • Long red pepper from Kampot

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    From €10.40

    An olfactory examination reveals surprising warm notes, spontaneously evoking gingerbread. This is followed by an exceptional aromatic procession of dried tomatoes, mild tobacco and saffron, liquorice, a floral element of old roses, spicy notes with peaks of cloves and cinnamon and a vegetable freshness evoking the bell pepper. It is therefore a very rich pepper on an olfactory level, very seductive. But beware - behind this warm, gourmand nose, a decidedly spicy pepper is waiting. It fits perfectly with red meats, lamb, duck, terrines, casseroles, tuna and oily fish...

  • Long white seeded peperre from Kampot

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    From €14.80

    The first olfactory impressions are wooded, hot, with notes of liquorice, cocoa, a touch of camphor, which then develops into tobacco, saffron and dry grass, then an aroma reminiscent of over-ripe or dry fruit and dried tomato. Leather is very present and then finally there is a freshness, a touch of aniseed and menthol, with touches of eucalyptus, bell pepper, fennel and discrete floral notes.

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