Vegan Konotori yuzu ponzu Ponzu
  • Vegan Konotori yuzu ponzu Ponzu

Vegan Konotori yuzu ponzu

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Yuzu ponzu is a Japanese condiment sauce generally made from soy sauce or tamari, citrus juice, mirin, katsuobushi (bonito flakes), kombu and rice vinegar.


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It is very popular as a condiment for sashimi, shabu shabu, meat or fish tataki, gyoza, cold somen, tempura...
Ponzu is also excellent as a marinade or salad dressing.
Katsuobushi and kombu give ponzu sauce the same umami flavor as dashi, while citrus juice and vinegar add acidity and soy sauce adds salt.
"Ponzu" translates to "squeezed juice of sour oranges" in Japanese. This word comes from the Dutch "pons," meaning "punch," which later became ponsu, a "drink of mixed ingredients." Eventually, suffix "su" was replaced by "zu", which means "vinegar".

This homemade ponzu is made by pressing yuzu and mixing it with pure rice vinegar made from Konotori rice and soy sauce from Hyogo Prefecture and enhancing flavor with natural dashi. Konotori rice is grown by filling fields with water in winter or early season, using deep water management without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Konotori is Japanese name for the Oriental stork, which has become extinct in Japan due to modern agricultural practices.
In rice fields, a variety of living creatures and healthy, delicious rice are grown at the same time.
This rice, said to be full of life, promotes return of stork to the wild.

Our perfect pairings: This vegan ponzu is very qualitative, very fresh, very fruity and will perfectly suit to taste gyoza, to season beef or salmon tatakis, beef or fish tartars or scallops, poke bowl, shellfish salads, crab meat...

Hyogo, Japan
1.8 L net
360 ml net
PET bottle
PET bottle
rice vinegar, soy sauce (soy, wheat, salt, sugar), 12.84% yuzu juice, mirin, water, salt, sugar, kombu dashi, water, fermented seasoning
refrigerate after opening
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 57 kcal (243 kJ) ; fat <0,3g, of which saturates <0,01g ; carbohydrate 12g, of which sugars 8,9g ; dietary fiber g; protein 2,3g ; salt 8,667g.

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