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Shio ponzu

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Shio ponzu is a light ponzu condiment, not containing soy sauce like most classic ponzus.

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It is generally very salty and of a low quality and is a main seasoning in many homes.
We have selected this shio ponzu for its low salt level, its great freshness and its prominent yuzu and sudachi flavors.

Our perfect combination : we recommend this shio ponzu to bring a bit of spice to salads, fish carpaccios, raw scallops, meat, fish or shellfish tartars.


Fresh Sômen salad

for 2 people (in 5 minutes)

♦ 250 Sômen
♦ 3 à 4 tablespoons of Shio ponzu Condiment
♦ 50g of lettuce hearts
♦ 50g of finely sliced white cabbage
♦ 50g of cucumber, julienned
♦ 8 cherry tomatoes cut in half

• Marinate your white cabbage in the Shio ponzu Condiment for 1 hour
• Cook your Sômen and cool them immediately in ice water
• Drain well then add the white cabbage and seasoning, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and lettuce heart leaves.
• Add 2 turns of the white pepper mill.
• Mix well and serve and enjoy.

Chirashi Zushi

For 2 people

♦ 200g of Japanese rice
♦ 8 cl of concentrated dashi
♦ 30 cl of water
♦ 1 tablespoon of soy sauce
♦ 80g of shiitake
♦ 100g of carrots, julienned
♦ 50g julienned cucumber
♦ 2 hard boiled eggs mimosa
♦ Crumbs, flakes or angel hair from nori
♦ 6 tablespoons of Shio ponzu Condiment

• In a saucepan, put the 8 cl of concentrated dashi and the water and soy sauce
• Bring to the boil, then add the shiitakes and sliced carrots. Leave to cook for 8 minutes once it has returned to the boil. Drain and leave to cool.
• Cook your rice (sushi rice texture).
• Add the Shio Ponzu Condiment to the cooked rice and mix gently.
• Place the seasoned rice in a large bowl, add the cooked vegetables, the mimosa egg and the nori crumbs or angel hair.

Mie, Japan
360 ml net
Glass bottle
water, vinegar (sugar cane alcohol, wheat, corn, rice, salt, sake lees, starch syrup), sugar, salt, yuzu and sudachi citrus fruits, mirin, hydrolysed wheat protein, yeast extract
refrigerate after opening

Nishimura Shoten started a business in 1684, Edo era at Tamaru in Mie prefecture. Tamaru was prosperous as the last station town before entering Ise area as it became territory of Tokugawa family in Kishu (current Wakayama and Mie prefecture) in 1619, who was one of three privileged branches of the Tokugawa family.


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