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Sparkling sake

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  • KID Junmaï Daiginjô sparkling sake

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    From €19.90

    This sake, with a very nice texture, creamy, expresses peppery notes, very fresh, sometimes spicy, citrus (lemons) coconut, apple, white flowers, melon, kuzu starch, sake lees.

  • Happôu Junmai Seishu "Hanabi" sparkling sake

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    From €33.00

    This sparkling, pure rice sake maintains the carbon dioxide gas obtained through secondary fermentation in the bottle and creates sharp and yet delicate, fine texture bubbles. It is an easy-to-drink, new type of sake, with an elegant sweetness, which comes from the taste of rice and moderate acidity.

  • Sparkling Yonetsuru Junmaishu Nigori Sake

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    From €25.45

    This unfiltered sake has a pleasant fizz with fine bubbles. Nose expresses aromas of melon and cooked rice; palate is greedy, with a slight acidity and accents of yoghurt whey. Aftertaste is dry. We like the green pear and pinot gris notes.

  • Junmai Pizzica Sparkling Sake

    • Available soon
    From €26.40

    Junmai Pizzica Sparkling sake is made from Yamada-Nishiki rice, which has all the characteristics of a rice suitable for brewing sake, such as a large "white heart" (core rice grain), low fat and protein content and easy water absorption. It is also characterized by its high strength, which makes it easy to produce high quality koji (malted rice). It is a variety that expresses flavor, sweetness and fresh aroma of rice, with great smoothness and delicacy on the tongue.

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