List of products by brand KING JYOZO

The King Jyozo sake brewery was founded in 1900 and their first product was rice wine.

The concept of producing sweetened rice with sticky rice began in China and spread at the end of the Muromchi period throughout the Edo period. During the Meiji era, rice wine was a sweetened sake and considered a high-quality flavoring.
Later, during the 1960s, King Jyozo brought a new product to the market, Hinode Shimiryo. It was rice wine accoutrement, a type of sweetened flavouring mainly made of Mizuame (starch syrup) containing an alcohol content of less than 1%.
Since then the company has evolved from producing alcoholic drinks and food, to become a specialist in brewing flavorings, focussing on brewing rice wine and sake. 
Japanese food is rapidly evolving and King Jyozo's products can be described as seasonings which reveal hidden flavors. Their ethos is to have an indispensable flavoring which uses top quality ingredients to bring out the hidden flavors in Japanese food.
King Jyozo will never be a large company. What is most important to them is that all of their employees feel they work for a good company in a workplace that produces good quality products, and that they are confident and happy at work. King Jyozo believes that it is this philosophy and the products and work emanating from it, which has given the company and its products such an exceptional reputation. Indeed its reputation is renowned among its customers, business partners and the local area.