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Nishikidôri’s materials selection of knives, kitchenware, plates and bowls aims to make your preparations easier and to sublimate your culinary creations.


  • Charcoal Binchotan

    It is oak charcoal, it is very hard and has very slow combustive properties. Binchotan also has several proven and sometimes surprising qualities.


  • Knives

    These traditional Japanese knives are very comfortable and ergonomic. They sit perfectly in your hand and require less work to chop but still keep a remarkable cutting.

  • Kitchenware

    The display dishes and other accessories of the perfect Japanese cook will become essential in your kitchen. You will find here everything to make your cooking easier: vegetable/fruit cutter, peeler, display dish, molds, grater, tongs, mortar, brush… and even a barbecue for table!

  • Lacquers

    Lacquered elm makes you want to travel. Their high quality confection and colour take us to the most famous Japanese tables.

  • Tableware

    Our plates, glasses, bowls, carafe, handmade, will bring light and colour when you will prepare your dishes.

  • Japanese barbecue

    The Konro range of barbecues are very popular in Japan. You can grill a long fish on them without cutting or moving it...

  • Sushi material

    All you need for succulent sushi, maki rolling mat, sushi mould, hangiri, bowls, bento boxes ...

  • Bento Box

    The professional bento boxes are compartmentalized. They reserve a space for each category of ingredients: rice, meats, vegetables, condiments, sweet dishes… They are served as they are at table, garnished.

  • Chopsticks

    Japanese chopsticks

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