Spices mix Gourmet gift box of 12 boxes Gift boxes

Spices mix Gourmet gift box of 12 boxes

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Goumet Spices mix gift box of 12 boxes

Luxurious gift box Spices mix of 12 boxes to offer or to treat yourself.

This gift box includes:
• 1 x 60g box of Caribbean mix (Réf : CDPMEL06S)
• 1 x 55g box of Grilled fish (Réf : CDPMEL27S)
• 1 x 50g box of Shrimps and Cephalopods (Réf : CDPMEL21S)
• 1 x 60g box of Gold digger (Réf : CDPMEL09S)
• 1 x 60g box of Gourmet fries (Réf : CDPMEL07S)
• 1 x 50g box of Home-made Raz el Hanout (Réf : CDPMEL18S)
• 1 x 50g box of Chicken Wings rub (Réf : CDPMEL22S)
• 1 x 50g box of Grand-Mother (Réf : CDPMEL13S)
• 1 x 60g box of Grilled pork meats (Réf : CDPMEL10S)
• 1 x 50g box of Berber mix (Réf : CDPMEL05S)
• 1 x 45g box of Classic gingerbread (Réf : CDPMEL14S)
• 1 x 60g box of Island style Chicken rub (Réf : CDPMEL15S)

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Looking for a gift idea? Help someone discover our spices mixes line! Flavors from here and there for an exceptional tasting adventure!
We have created our blends, tested and packaged in our factory using only our peppers and spices of the highest quality. Each element has been carefully chosen, weighed to the gram, for a unique result.

Special Gourmet Spices mix gift box

Caribbean mix (Réf : CDPMEL06S) : this colorful and fragrant blend breathes the typical Caribbean islands cuisine, the sun and the sea ... >> more

• Grilled fish (Réf : CDPMEL27S) : gustatory notes are fresh, herbaceous ... >> more

• Shrimps and Cephalopods (Réf : CDPMEL21S) : this is reminiscent of southern cooking, Mediterranean cuisine, all with the air of vacations and shared family tables ... >> more

Gold digger (Réf : CDPMEL09S) : this mixture full of pep is a real invitation to travel ... >> more

• Gourmet fries (Réf : CDPMEL07S) : A gourmet blend with a holidays touch, barbecue, family reunion or country gathering feel. Salt is well balanced, paprika just right....>> more

• Home-made Raz el Hanout (Réf : CDPMEL18S) : emblematic of the Mediterranean cuisine from North Africa: couscous, tagines, white meats, fish, vegetables, pastillas ... >> more

• Chicken Wings rub (Réf : CDPMEL22S) : a real invitation to enjoy an American barbecue... >> more

• Grand-Mother (Réf : CDPMEL13S) : Grand-mother mention reminds us all childhood flavors ... >> more

• Grilled pork meats (Réf : CDPMEL10S) : a real invitation to the countryside, to barbecues on wood fire ... >> more

• Berber mix (Réf : CDPMEL05S) : this blend refers to the richness of the North African Berber culture ... >> more

• Classic gingerbread (Réf : CDPMEL14S) : this mixture will surprise you with its sweet, floral, fruity aromas. Star anise brings freshness and Madagascar cinnamon a lot of softness and sweetness. ... >> more

• Island style Chicken rub (Réf : CDPMEL15S) : exudes exoticism, combining cinnamon sweetness together with raw cane sugar round and smooth notes. Red hot chilli pepper and its slight spiciness enhance the whole ... >> more

Your Tote Bag with Le Comptoir des Poivres design Free !

keep away from light, heat and moisture
Box size
12 boxes : 355 x 212 x 86 mm

Nous sommes fiers d'être des épiciers et souhaitons redonner à ce métier ses lettres de noblesse. Le Comptoir des Poivres est un épicier et le revendique...


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