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  • Yakitori no tare sauce

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    Yakitori, traditionally small skewers made of chicken (thigh, garlic, rump, skin, cartilage, liver, heart...) are one of the favorite dishes of Europeans traveling to Japan.

    Sauce used to coat yakitori gives them a sweet-savory gourmet touch that's appreciated by all. Our sauce is made from granulated sugar, giving a pleasant, fragrant and appetizing glaze.

  • Sauce Oishii Gomadare

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    Goma means sesame in Japanese. Goma dare Sauce is a popular Japanese sesame sauce for dips, side sauces or seasonings.

    This is the choice sauce for shabu shabu. It's best known as one of the sauces to dip when enjoying Shabu Shabu or Japanese meat stew (traditionally) or fish, crab, vegetables... Goma dare sauce presented here is made from a blend of sesame seeds in three forms: paste, ground and chopped.

    This sesame sauce is very consistent, creamy, tasty and flavorful.

  • Sukiyaki no tare Sauce

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    Sukiyaki, a traditional Japanese dish from the "nabemono" (one-dish) family, is said to have originated in the late 19th century in the city of Kobe. However, different, more rudimentary versions dating from the early 19th century use similar processes to cook fish, game birds and seafood.

    It consists of thinly sliced beef, leeks, shiitake mushrooms and tofu. The beef is grilled, then boiled in a mixture of soy sauce and sugar in an iron pot. Other ingredients are eaten after the beef, slowly simmered in a sauce called "Warishita". Tasting is recommended after dipping the ingredients in a small bowl of beaten raw egg. As a side dish, it is customary to serve a bowl of steamed rice.

  • Shabu Shabu Goma dare sauce

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    The most popular sauce to accompany meats and vegetables is shabu shabu goma dare, a sauce rich in roasted sesame seeds.

  • Shogayaki no tare sauce

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    The accompanying sauce, called shogayaki no tare, is made with grated ginger, in this case from Kôchi. The taste of ginger delicately enhances the accompanying rice.

    This caramelized sauce, rich, bright and enhanced with ginger, marries perfectly with the juiciness and tenderness of the pork. It's also a perfect accompaniment to broccoli, carrots and leeks.

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