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Chuno Sauce Japanese sauces
  • Chuno Sauce Japanese sauces
  • Chuno Sauce Japanese sauces
  • Chuno Sauce Japanese sauces

Chuno Sauce

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This sauce, very popular in Japan, owes its appearance to the famous British Worcestershire sauce in Japan, for which it stands as an alternative.

This Worcestershire sauce became established with the development of Western cuisine in the Land of the Rising Sun. Chuno sauce is slightly spicier, subtly tangy, creamy, with fruitier and sweeter accents.

It's the perfect seasoning for raw vegetables (baby carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower florets, radishes...), tonkatsu breaded pork loin, okonomiyaki, Japanese potato croquettes... Chuno sauce can be used as a dipping sauce for French fries, korokke (Japanese croquettes) or okonomiyaki (salted Japanese pancakes), rather like ketchup or barbecue sauce.


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Unlike major manufacturers, our chuno sauce meets production requirements based on taste preservation.

Basic stock is made under high pressure, combining celery, onions, carrots and spices. Vegetables are cooked whole, with their skins, to preserve their rich umami flavor and high nutritional value.

Then tomatoes and unrefined sugar are added to enhance flavors. Vinegar, cloves, pepper and hot chilli pepper are added at the end of the process. No chemical seasonings, colorings or thickeners are used.

Vegetables and fruit are grown locally, and apples and tomatoes are used to thicken the mixture. No artificial sweeteners are used, and local persimmons are used to add depth to sweet taste.

Tokyo, Japan
200 ml
0,232 kg Net
Glass bottle
28% fruits and vegetables (apple, tomato, persimmon, onion, carrot, celery), sugar, water, vinegar, salt, corn starch, spices (cloves, pepper, red pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaf, thyme, sage, garlic, caraway, Jamaica berry, fennel).
refrigerate after opening

Pole Star is a long-established manufacturer of condiments and sauces, and the creator of Higashimurayama's yakisoba noodles with squid ink, a famous local dish.

Founded in 1850, company began by brewing soy sauce under the Sakurai brand.

Around 100 years after its foundation, supermarkets began to spring up all over Japan.

This changed the demand for industrial food products, putting artisanal products at a disadvantage.

In 1977, our artisan took the name Pole Star and specialized in making sauces and condiments from carefully selected ingredients, without the use of any colorants or additives.

Two products stood out: yakiniku sauce with a base of home-brewed soy sauce (high quality and very expensive at the time, but it sold well thanks to the cooperation of a familiar miso wholesaler and the sympathy of the company's customers) and Higashimurayama's yakisoba stir-fried noodle black sauce with squid ink (also made with black sake, a specialty of Kagoshima Prefecture). This suave, spicy and richly flavored sauce is used by around a hundred restaurants in the city, and is a firm fixture in everyday dishes).

By 1978, Japan was in the midst of a period of growth in the restaurant industry.

Most meals at home were becoming westernized, and demand for specific sauces was growing. Pole Star converted from the soy sauce brewing industry to the manufacture of complete seasonings. 

Today, company manufactures 250 types of seasoning a year, from products for home use to those for professional use, while maintaining a particular ethic: 

- To produce only delicious sauces 

- Focus on raw materials, manufacturing and quality control to maintain reasonable prices.


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