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YAMASEI is short for YAMASHITA SEIZABURO, the full name of the craftsman when it was founded in 1938, in the canton of Ayauta, Kagawa Prefecture (Shikoku island, south west of Japan).

At the time the company's main activity was producing spices, in particular the "Ichimi" spice.
Today, the three pillars of the Yamasei range are :
- Anko (Red Bean paste)
- Kinako (roasted soya powder)
- Karashi (Japanese mustard).
Yamasei products are renowned for being natural; without additive or preservative and rich in flavor.
In 1967, Mr Yamashita, the actual owner, left university and joined his father's company. At that time, Yamasei largely supplied mass markets, sometimes sacrificing quality. But, little by little, things have changed and quality has been given uppermost importance : use of Japanese ingredients coming from reasoned or organic farming.
M. Yamashita has his own philosophy: "A human can never create one slope only. We are alive because of what farming gives us. The earth is therefore sacred for farmers and consumers. Following on from this logic, producers are "ambassadors of life" between farmers and consumers". This philosophy is what gives Mr Yamashita his energy. Producing a food chain from farmer to consumer is a duty.
Yamasei is a well-known supplier in the "sweet & savory" world and for the past seventy years hasn't stopped working for the creation of culinary innovation, without forgetting the passing down of Japanese traditions regarding flavor.
On the Yamasei company premises there is a restaurant where you can taste healthy cuisine based on their products. The building which houses this gourmet centre was built from material taken from old traditional houses. Food lovers and gourmets are received in this country style building to discover a cuisine rich in natural flavor and inspired by local specialties.

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