Tororo kombu seaweed Kombu
  • Tororo kombu seaweed Kombu

Tororo kombu seaweed

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OKUI KAISEIDO's Tororo Kombu Seaweed is made from the finest Rausu Kombu. Rausu kombu has a very soft fiber and is known for its wide and thin shape. When soaked in hot water, it gives a slimy, gooey texture and a rich umami flavor.

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Rausu kombu offered here comes from Shiretoko Peninsula shores, northeastern region of Hokkaidō Island and overlooks the Sea of Okhotsk, an area that is very famous for its high quality and highly prized Rausu kombu.

The making of Tororo kombu is totally handmade and requires a mastered know-how.
Indeed, the kombu, first soaked in vinegar, then trimmed and compressed, is very finely planed into long thin strips. Black surface strips are called kuro-tororo and the light inner ones are called shiro-tororo.
The smoother and stickier it is, the higher its quality.

It is very rich in calcium, iron, minerals and is low in calories.

Our perfect pairings : we recommend it for tasting clear broths that it will flavor, using it to wrap your delicate fish fillets (red mullet cooked and served in clear broths, your shrimp or scampi sashimi (light shroud), as a topping on your broths and miso soups, as an accompaniment to soft-boiled eggs, as a garnish for your onigiri or white rice or okonomiyaki or somen...

 Kombu contains glutamic acid, a type of amino acid with UMAMI. Glutamic acid umami can be enhanced by aging Kombu and it also increases synergistically by combining it with inosine acid included in dried bonito.
Kombu is also rich in dietary fiber, calcium and iodine. Its alkaline nature helps maintain balance with acidic foods such as meat and fish.

Rausu, Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan
50 g net
Rausu Kombu (Laminaria japonica Areschoug), vinegar
away from direct light
in a dry and cool place


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