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  • Tatsuriki Junmai sake, vintage 2010

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    From €49.50

    Tatsuriki Junmai sake is produced by Honda Shoten, a brewery located near the heart of Yamadanishiki rice production, known as king of sake rice. This brewery brings out the maximum authentic flavor of rice based on the idea that rice sake should have a rice flavor. Tatsuriki Junmai is only made with optimal rice for high quality sake production.
    Tatsuriki Junmai sake is pure koshu.

  • Kusudama Junmai sake, vintage 2007

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    From €49.00

    Often referred to as the little Kyoto of the Japanese Alps, Hida Takayama town is a popular district filled with Japanese charm. Our artisan brewer, Hirase Shuzo, was born there in 1623 for almost 400 years, over 15 generations, has never stopped brewing quality sake. The name Kusudama means medicine. This sake is made with groundwater from the Alps of northern Japan, Hida rice, and extremely cold annual temperatures. It is said that this sake is made with the hope that it will cure what ails you.

  • Fukumitsuya Junmai sake, vintage 1999

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    From €60.00

    This brewery has the longest history in Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture). The fresh and clear water that takes 100 years to flow from the sacred mountain Hakusan and the distinct 4-seasons climate contribute to unique rice cultivation and sake making. Traditional techniques continue to evolve and the brewery has focused entirely on Junmai sake since 2001.

    Fukumitsuya Junmai sake is pure koshu.

  • Aoitsuru Junmai sake, vintage 1995

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    From €55.00

    Hyogo Prefecture, its mineral-rich viscous soil and weather with variations in temperature, is the production area for Yamada Nishiki, best sake brewing rice. Where fine, high-quality rice grows, there is a brewer. Inami shuzojo aims to produce locally brewed sake (the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop's phenotype) brewed locally.
    This Aoitsuru Jumai sake is pure koshu.

  • Minenoyuki Junmai Ginjo sake, vintage 2004

    • In stock
    From €48.50

    There are a lot of breweries in Kitakata, Fukushima Prefecture. In fact, you can call it the city of breweries. Our craftsman is the youngest brewery in town. Beverage naming "Minenoyuki" comes from Mt. Ide, located on the border with Yamagata. The brewery workers are young and undertake new brewing processes every year. Mead made only from honey extracted from the abundant nature at the foot of the mountain highlights the unique qualities of this brewery.

    Minenoyuki Junmai Ginjo sake is pure koshu.

  • Iwanoi Junmai sake, vintage 1983

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    From €65.00

    Our Iwanoi Junmai sake is made by the Iwase Shuzo house (Boso, Chiba Prefecture), a follower of traditional “Yamahai” production method (starter is made in a more laborious way, without adding lactic acid) . This longer fermentation method, now quite rare, gives the sake more pronounced, more complex aromatic notes.

    Iwase has been producing this type of refined sake, known as “koshu”, since 1965.

  • Exceptional Kiwami Sake Selection box

    • In stock
    From €149.00

    This box is made up of three exceptional koshu (long aged sake):
    - 1 Iwanoi Junmai sake, vintage 1983, 180 ml bottle, vol. 14%
    - 1 Aoitsuru Junmai sake, vintage 1995, 180 ml bottle, vol. 17%
    - 1 Sake Kashoku Junmai, vintage 1997, 180 ml bottle, vol. 19%

  • Eikun Junmai sake, vintage 1998

    • Available soon
    From €61.50

    Fushimi, Kyoto Prefecture, has been called the center of sake brewing for decades. The Saito brewery, producer of Eikun Junmai sake, has persevered, for more than 125 years, in the search for the ultimate flavor for the confection of its sakes, by using, for its brewing, mainly famous spring water Fushimi Nanai, pride of Fushimi.
    Eikun Junmai sake has won the award for best Japanese sake for 14 years consecutively.
    Eikun Jumai sake is pure koshu.

  • Tatsuriki Junmai Ginjo Shinkoshu sake

    • Available soon
    From €440.00

    This junmai Ginjo sake is very rare and only a few bottles are available in the world. It is said to be one of the oldest premium koshu on the market.

    Brewed in 1983, this sake has been aged slowly and was bottled in November 2021

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