Shonai Hiratanenashi Persimmon Vinegar 10 years  Vinegar
  • Shonai Hiratanenashi Persimmon Vinegar 10 years  Vinegar
  • Shonai Hiratanenashi Persimmon Vinegar 10 years  Vinegar

Shonai Hiratanenashi Persimmon Vinegar 10 years

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Shonai persimmon is a flat, square, seedless, astringent persimmon called "HIRATANENASHI", with a melting texture, rich in juice and sweetness, slightly sweet, renowned for its excellent flavor. Shonaï is located in the north-west of Yamagata Prefecture and used to be known as one of the largest persimmon production centers.

However, production has halved in recent decades, mainly due to growers ageing and younger generations failure to take over plantations. This rare vinegar is made exclusively from Hiratanenashi persimmons harvested in the village of Shonaï, using the traditional brewing method known as "static fermentation" to slowly extract the persimmon's potency.


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Fermentation cellar is built of wood and houses natural yeasts and acetic acid bacteria. Access is strictly regulated and reserved for cellar master and his staff. After 3 to 4 months of stirring and slow fermentation, persimmons produce a persimmon "wine".

This forms vinegar basis. A further two years of maturing and fermentation are needed to produce first vinegar. In Japan, persimmon is said to have such a powerful effect on health that "when persimmon turns red,doctor turns blue".

Latest research by Yamagata University's Faculty of Agriculture has shown this persimmon vinegar contains ornithine and GABA. Ornithine is said to reduce liver burden, while GABA relieves stress and relaxes. Quantity of polyphenols contained in shonai persimmon is five times greater than that contained in grapes! Polyphenols improve blood circulation and prevent arteriosclerosis and strokes. This persimmon vinegar contains twice as much Vitamin A and C as orange, and three times as much potassium as black vinegar. Japanese people use it to eliminate excess water and for its dietary and detoxifying effects. This vinegar, matured for 10 long years, is guaranteed additive-free. Aging process gives the young, rough vinegar a deep, ripe flavor. On the nose, you'll discover notes of hay, dried grass, vegetal touches and hints of citrus. On the palate, strong notes of artichoke and Jerusalem artichoke surprise you, along with light hints of hay and green lime, incisive but pleasant acidity, balsamic and caramelized red fruit notes, and a long finish. This vinegar appreciates olive oil, soy sauce, squeezed orange juice and quality peppers.

An exceptional, rare vinegar, magnificent on a shellfish salad, fresh strawberries, sautéed leeks or spring onions, scallop or sea bream tartar, a filet of mackerel or marinated red mullet...

Yamagata, Japan
300 ml net
Glass bottle
100% hiratanenashi "shonai" persimmon
protected from light and heat
Nutritional values
Per 100g: energy 34 kcal (139 kJ); fat less than 0.6g, of which saturated fatty acids less than 0.01g; carbohydrates 4.99g, of which sugars 4.8g; protein less than 0.5g; salt less than 0.05g.


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