Miso with Iwatsu Negi  Flavored Miso
  • Miso with Iwatsu Negi  Flavored Miso

Miso with Iwatsu Negi

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Our artisan has made a rice miso rich in Iwatsu green onions. This miso can be enjoyed as a condiment or slightly diluted with vegetable stock. It goes perfectly with pasta, white rice, boiled vegetables, white meats, raw vegetables, cheeses, etc.


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Asago region is the main source of Iwatsu Negi, or green onion. It lies at the southern end of Tamba (northern Hyogo) and is part of the Chugoku Mountains, a mountain range in the Chugoku region of western Japan.

Maruyama River, which flows near the center, is known as an excellent source of water known as "Nattan no meisui".

Due to the geographical conditions, the climate on the Sea of Japan side and a coexisting inland climate, this region is known for its heavy snowfalls characterized by intense cold.

Only green onions grown in the town of Asago, Hyogo prefecture, are marketed under the name "Iwatsu Negi" and are available from late November to late March.

These green onion are rare. Grown in the town of Asago in winter, when the temperature difference between day and night is significant, these green onions are exposed to deep snow and frost.

These conditions give "Iwatsu Negi" green onions a unique softness, sweetness and tenderness.

The thick leaves are waterlogged, which is what makes "Iwatsu Negi" so soft and tender.

They can be eaten from start to finish, and the white part is particularly soft and sweet.

The colder it gets in Asago, the sweeter Iwatsu Negi becomes.

Hyogo, Japan
best before :
500 g net
rice miso (rice, soy, salt, sugarcane alcohol), water, 10.20% Iwatsu green onion, sugar, sake, onion, sesame oil, ginger, soy sauce, wheat, salt, sugarcane alcohol), brown sugar, sesame, kombu
refrigerate between +4°C and +8°C
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 208 kcal (873 kJ) ; fat 7,2g, of which saturates 1,1g ; carbohydrate 29,1g, of which sugars 20,6g ; protein 6,6g ; salt 4,01g.


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