Premium sesame paste
  • Premium sesame paste
  • Premium sesame paste

Premium sesame paste

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This top-quality sesame paste is rare and much sought-after by Japan's finest chefs, pastry chefs and ice-cream makers. Its particularly pronounced aroma lends intense depth to foods. This paste is characterized by its lack of bitterness, and its rich aroma and taste.


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This premium sesame paste is totally craft produced.

Sesame seeds selected meet very strict criteria.

Yamada Seiyu selects the best sesame seeds, which are 50% more expensive than those used by the vast majority of other craftsmen.

Color, shape and regularity of the seeds are important.

Our artisan selects the sweetest, most aromatic and freshest seeds.

Sesame seeds are annual herbaceous plants of the sesame family and genus. There are an estimated 3,000 cultivated species, each with a different sweetness and aroma.

Black sesame has a savory aroma and a rich, full-bodied taste. White sesame has a mild taste.

Sesame seeds are purchased after meeting strict criteria regarding the raw materials used, and are toasted over an open fire by craftsmen, taking into account the time and temperature of day. For this important process, craftsmen forego tobacco and coffee to sharpen their sense of taste and smell. 

To make paste, first step is to roast raw sesame seeds in an iron pot surrounded by bricks, over a wood fire. This is the most important stage, influencing paste or sesame oil quality produced. It's important to rely on company’s master roasters intuition determine best time to end roasting process (ambient temperature influences the result).

Seeds are roasted slowly, step by step.

Sesame seeds have a hard, fragrant skin.

This must not be damaged during pressing.

Sesame seeds are ground using an original stone grinder, which generates frictional heat, and are then sanded seven times to give them a more fragrant taste in the mouth.

Kneaded sesame seeds can only be produced at a rate of 3 kg of white sesame and 1.5 kg of black sesame per hour. Despite this, the artisan insists on using a stone mill, as it generates less heat through friction. The two-stage millstone enhances flavor and aroma during pressing.

Kyoto, Japan
150 g net
500 g net
Doy-pack pouch
100% sesame
protected from light and heat


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