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Karaage shiro tamari condiment

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Karaage shiro tamari condiment is made with a white tamari sauce base.

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Founded in 1938 in Hekinan city, Aichi prefecture, birthplace of shiro shoyu (white soy sauce), Nitto Jozo brewery produces artisanal white tamari using Japanese wheat, sea salt, spring water from the Toyota mountains and koji.

Unlike traditional soy sauce, white tamari is made from wheat, salt and water. White tamari sauce is used to highlight ingredients of a dish.

Aroma of white tamari sauce is strongly malty, with notes of koji and white miso, perfectly highlighting its sweet, salty and strongly umami flavor.

Palate is balanced in salinity, sweetness and umami. Chefs use this sauce to enhance ingredients of a dish or to magnify sauces, dressings and other seasonings.

To take full advantage of shiro tamari beauty and delicacy, Nitto Jozo has developed a process that does not require soybeans.

Karaage shiro tamari sauce surprises with its freshness, its pep, its powerful notes of garlic and ginger, its exacerbated umami, its accents of cooking juices.

It is much appreciated by the best izakaya restaurants, for making their fried breaded chicken bites. Recipe couldn't be simpler: 200g boneless, skin-on chicken thigh meat and a tablespoon of the sauce in a sealed ziplock bag. Mix well, rub in and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Add 20 g potato starch to the bag, and sprinkle with starch before frying to a lovely golden color.

Aichi, Japan
150 ml net
Glass bottle
water, fermented wheat (wheat, salt, rice alcohol), salt, ginger, garlic, mirin, rice vinegar
protected from light and heat
refrigerate after opening


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