Grape juice Yamanokibudo Crimson glory mountain
  • Grape juice Yamanokibudo Crimson glory mountain
  • Grape juice Yamanokibudo Crimson glory mountain

Grape juice Yamanokibudo Crimson glory mountain

Reference : NISVSA2

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Cooks will appreciate the rich aromas and flavors of this fruit juice, fresh acidity, and pleasant taste that will remind them of our verjuice.

Growing wild in harsh climatic environment of the Tohoku region on the side of mountains, Crimson Glory grape has long been considered the "native super fruit of Japan".

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This very rare grape species is native to Japan.

The botanical name of Crimson glory is Vitis coignetiae and it first appears in the Kojiki, the oldest history book of Japan (712 BC).

It is one of the only two native Japanese vine species, together with "Koshu".

Grapes are very small in diameter (8 mm) and take 6 long years to ripen, which increases the rarity value. Harvested grape contains up to 8 times more polyphenols than other grapes, 7 times more calcium, 7 times more dietary fiber, 3 times more iron, 3 times more potassium, 10 times more Β-carotene and 10 times more vitamin E.

It is also very rich in procyanidin, a powerful antioxidant agent.

Yamanokibudo is harvested before maturity and vacuum-ripened for 3 years to improve thickness and smoothness.

Tartaric acid, which causes undesirable tastes, is naturally precipitated for 3 years, after which only the top layer of juice is bottled. These time- and labor-intensive processes produce the best grape juice. - No added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors of any kind.

Our perfect pairings : Yamanokibudo can be mixed with soda, milk, wine, beer, sake (Japanese rice wine) or shochu (Japanese distilled spirits).

It can be consumed cold or hot. Reduced, this juice will accompany baked foie gras slices, red meats, game, scallops, poached fruits (pears, peaches) ...

It will inspire pastry chefs (mousses, bavarois, creams ...), ice cream makers (granita, sorbets, ice cream), chocolate makers, cocktail bars ...

Iwate, Japan
900 ml net
Glass bottle
100% Crimson Glory grapes harvested before maturity
in a dry and cool place
protected from light and heat
Nutritional values
Per 100 ml : energy 69 kcal (295 kJ) ; fat <0,5g, of which saturates < 0,01g ; carbohydrate 16,6g, of which sugars 16,6g ; protein <0,5g ; salt <0,01g.
no added sugar
no additive
no coloring
no preservative

Sakohonten, founded his company in 1937 in Kuji-shi, Iwate Prefecture.  In 1971, company released Yamanokibudo, a 100% pure Crimson Glory grape juice without additives, for the first time in Japan. With its own vineyards, Sakohonten has become a rare company that specializes solely in making grape juice from Crimson glory grapes. As a pioneer in this field and under a premium brand, the company presents the best in grape juice and related products.

Fruit juices with no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors


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