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A thousand years of know how

Moshio, or "Japanese sea salt", was produced more than 1,000 years ago by the Japanese on Seto-uchi Island. They produced it by spreading seaweed on the beach, rinsing it in a saltwater pool, then boiling it in a clay pot over a wood fire to evaporate the water and crystallize it. salt while reducing the pieces of seaweed. On the coast of Kagawa Prefecture, a high quality tamamo seaweed, the main ingredient of moshio, has seen its culture grow.
The moshio is a sea salt that has absorbed seaweed extract containing many minerals and umami.
Our supplier craftsman, Moshio Kobo, was created by Mr. Takemura. When he retired, he started producing moshio out of passion and his artisanal production became popular with his family and friends, eventually being marketed.
Moshi Kobo's moshio is hand-made, in small batches, and dries in the sun. Because of this unique manufacturing process, our craftsmen have total control over the color and taste of their products.
Theseaweeds used in the production of moshio salt are "Akamoku" (Sargassum Horneri) and Hondawara (Sargassum Fulvellum).
From January to March, hondawara are brought by fishermen who grow nori seaweed. They collect them because they hinder the development of nori. The hondawara seaweed is then dried in the sun until it is completely dry, then stored for use for the rest of the season. Then the dried hondawara seaweed is soaked in fresh seawater until it is full of moisture, then finely chopped into small pieces that are placed in a pot and boiled. After filtration, the extract is boiled for 10 hours. This extract can be stored to control the taste of moshio. This extract is then added to a container of fine sea salt produced locally, which is then dried in the sun until the extract is completely absorbed. This operation takes 2 to 3 days. Hondawara residues are used as organic fertilizer for local farmers.
Moshi Kobo's moshio pairs well with all types of dishes, especially tempura, yakiniku, sashimi and sushi. Each moshio has a particular particle size that predisposes it to a specific category of dishes.
We recommend you add these moshio seasoning at the moment.
Moshio salts of Moshio Kobo are acclaimed by the best Japanese Chefs and gourmets of Japan. It is complicated to get some. The waiting list is long.

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