List of products by brand SHOTOKU SHUZO

Founded in 1645 in the city of Kyoto, the Shotoku Shuzo Brewery was transferred in 1925 to Fushimi District, just south of Kyoto, to take advantage of the region's top waters. Fushimi is famous for sake making, for its underground spring and water known as Fushimizu.

Our craftsman uses only rice, koji and water to produce pure, authentic and sophisticated artisanal sake, brewed using the traditional methods of the Junmai classification. The house adheres to the process that states that sake must be made exclusively from 100% Japanese rice, pure water and traditional sake brewing methods in Japan.
This regulation strictly prohibits the use of additives such as other forms of alcohols and sugar.
To make an excellent sake, it is essential to use sake rice from the highest quality.
Our craftsman buys special rice for sake, of superior quality, in a rice field specifically cultivated near Kyoto. His farmer ensures that he receives the highest quality rice, according to his specifications. Both are also engaging in new organic farming methods that eliminate the need for pesticides.
The Fushimi region is famous for the production of sake and for its underground spring water: "Fushimizu". This fresh, pure and delicious water, used for manufacturing and bottling, is drawn more than 70 meters deep directly from the inside of the plant.
Shotoku Shuzo sakes consist only of sake rice and Fushimizu water.
Many prestigious local chefs, experts in Kyoto-style cuisine, prefer Shotoku sake for tasting their dishes.