Rice bran oil
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Rice bran oil

Reference : NIST1

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Tsuno Food rice bran oil is a one hundred percent Japanese product and is free of GM ingredients. The raw material used comes exclusively from freshly hulled rice.


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It is very popular in school canteens where it is used more and more. Rice bran oil, with less acroleine, makes cooking easier. Acroleine is a chemical substance which is part of the unsaturated alpha aldehydes. It develops in hot oil and fat.
Rice bran oil produces a lot less of this substance compared to other vegetable oils, which reduces unpleasant smells. When using it to cook, the smell of hot cooking oil is reduced. What is more it is nutritionally rich and good for health.
Scientific studies have shown that rice bran oil reduces low density lipoproteins, known as 'bad' cholesterol, without affecting 'good' cholesterol (high density lipoproteins) which prevent cardiovascular illness. It is rich in oryzanol gamma, one of the very strong antioxidants. It is also rich in plant sterol (plant fibre) as well as vitamin E (antioxidant).

Our perfect combination : rice bran oil is very tasty and easy to use. It resists cooking perfectly and especially at high temperature. It gives fried food an unequaled crunchiness, lightness and flavor. It is therefore recommended for fried and panfried food notably for 'home made chips '! Food cooked with this oil, whether hot or cold, is neither heavy nor oily. You'll also appreciate it in vinaigrettes and mayonnaise remarking on the excellent preservation it brings.
Excellent for tempura !

Wakayama, Japan
1.5 kg net
PET bottle
100% rice bran
protected from light and heat
Nutritional values
Per 100 ml: energy 516 kcal (2156 kJ), fat 30g, of which saturated fatty acids 6.1g, carbohydrates 62g, of which sugars less than 0.5g, protein less than 0.5g, salt less than 0.5g
GM free


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