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Poudre de kombu de Hokkaido ultra fine Seasoning
  • Poudre de kombu de Hokkaido ultra fine Seasoning
  • Poudre de kombu de Hokkaido ultra fine Seasoning

Poudre de kombu de Hokkaido ultra fine

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This kombu seaweed powder is made from several high-quality varieties of kombu, all from Hokkaido. Tohira Sea Tangle is one of the leading specialists in kombu seaweed on the Japanese market.

Its craftsmen select the best seaweed for both domestic and professional use. Its workshops are certified by the Saitama Prefecture for their exceptional technology and respect for the environment.


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The company's exports are growing exponentially. In fact, its seaweed meets the radiation requirements of Western markets. Iodine 131 levels comply with European standards. To achieve this, controls are carried out directly on the fishing and cultivation areas, thanks to their production and supply center located in Hammanaka on the island of Hokkaido.

Selected kelp is dry refined and then very finely ground. This very fine powder allows you to immediately obtain the Umami taste of Kombu. No artificial seasonings or additives are used.

You can enjoy the original Umami taste of Kombu. Flavors are both mild and sweet. This powder finesse and its ability to infuse immediately make it ideal for stuffings, sauces, broths, risottos, butters, creams, cheese preparations, cookies and even chocolate.

Saitama, Japan
1 kg net
100 g net
100% kombu seaweed harvested in Hokkaido
keep away from light, heat and moisture

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