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Sesame miso with aosa nori seaweed Flavored Miso
  • Sesame miso with aosa nori seaweed Flavored Miso

Sesame miso with aosa nori seaweed

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Artisan YEBISU produces six types of rice miso, two types of barley miso and two types of awase (mixed) miso.

All his misos are made using twice as many fermented grains per koji (rice or barley) as soybeans, and tend to be low in salt (around 10%).

Misos are generally aged for two to three months for the simplest, and 6 to 12 months for the most refined. Yebisu, in order to interest the public more in the delights of miso, considered a traditional Japanese food, produces original flavored products that can be used as a regular sauce or as a dipping sauce.

This Japanese-style miso sauce combines sesame and nori aosa seaweed.


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Its surprisingly honeyed, tertiary notes are very round and candied, reminiscent of dates and figs.

You'll love the pleasant, vegetal marine flavors, set off by a creamy, spreadable texture with hints of cocoa.

We recommend combining it with rice as if it were tsukudani (food candied in soy sauce), or eating it with gyoza or shumai (steamed dumplings), yaki onigiri, dango, grilled vegetables, raw cucumbers and florets, tofu, white fish (brill, turbot, cod, sea bass), foie gras, duck breast, grilled pork ribs or, more surprisingly, a chocolate ganache.

Fukuoka, Japan
300 g net
Welded bag
red miso (contains barley, caramel E150d, enhancer E621, stevia, vitamin B2), sugar, mirin, 3.03% sesame seed, 0.60% aosa nori seaweed (ulva latuca), red chili pepper.
in a cool place (≤10°C), away from direct sunlight.
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 234 kcal (990 kJ) ; fat 2,2g, of which saturates 0,36g ; carbohydrate 44,7g, of which sugars 34,2g ; dietary fiber 4,5g; protein 6,6g ; salt 2,878g.

Yebisuya was founded in 1916 in the town of Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture.

At the age of 24, company founder Tokushige Ando changed his business model from making Japanese candles to miso! Wax tree leaves seen on the company logo date back to the company's original history.

This brewery is located in the Chikuho basin, surrounded by mountains and the Onga River, which flows through the region's granary.


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