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Dashi de shiitake Other condiments
  • Dashi de shiitake Other condiments
  • Dashi de shiitake Other condiments

Dashi de shiitake

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Dashi refers to a group of broths that can be prepared by infusing various ingredients in cold or lukewarm water.

Best-known dashi is infused with kombu seaweed. As for strong flavors, most famous are those made by extracting flavor from dried bonito flakes, dried sardines, dried shiitake mushrooms...


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What all dashi have in common is their incomparable umami flavor. Roughly translated as "delight" in Japanese, umami is that rich, savory, coating quality that lingers on the tongue and makes certain foods so irresistibly delicious.

Sensation of umami and its main source, amino acid glutamate, are very present in dried shiitake mushrooms. Concentrated shiitake dashi introduced here gives off characteristic aromas, with woody, almost smoky notes.

Palate is gourmet, with a fine balance of saltiness and sweetness, almost toasted accents reminiscent of toasted cereals, and a hint of meatiness.

It is ideal for seasoning risottos, sauces, poaching broths, meat, vegetable or fish tartars, omelettes... Diluted at a ratio of 1 part dashi to 5 parts water, it can be used to cook rice or vegetables. This vegetarian broth contains no additives, colorants or preservatives.



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