Garlic shio koji Salt
  • Garlic shio koji Salt
  • Garlic shio koji Salt

Garlic shio koji

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Shio koji (literally translated as koji salt) is a Japanese condiment that has been very much in vogue for the last ten years, used to season or marinate red and white meats, seafood, vegetables and fish.

It is obtained by fermentation, generally of malted steamed rice (inoculated with the ferment Aspergillus Oryzae) and dried, with addition of water and salt.

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After fermentation, this mixture forms a lumpy paste with sweet and salty accents. When Aspergillus oryzae enzymes break down the complex carbohydrates, glutamate is produced, giving koji its distinctive umami flavor.

Naturally fermented, Shio Koji is full of beneficial enzymes and probiotics. It is a salt substitute in cooking, a taste and umami enhancer, a meat tenderizer...

Shio koji offered here is enhanced with garlic grown on the abandoned lands from Kagoshima Shirasu plateau, a volcanically active prefecture (Sakurajima). This particular garlic takes 8 months to produce.

Planted in September, it germinates within a week and then withstands snow until spring. First heat of April accelerates its development, for harvesting in May. This garlic has a powerful flavor. Garlic shio kôji is easy to use. In a marinade (2 to 3 tablespoons for 100g of meat or fish),

we recommend leaving food to rest for 1 to 3 hours. Power of shio kôji makes meat meaty and juicy. In Japan, vitamin B1 from pork and allicin from garlic are said to help relieve fatigue. Taste of marinated products is enhanced. You can also season French fries before putting them in the deep fryer.

Result is surprising. Garlic shio kôji can also be spread on toast. It can be used in pasta, ramen, ratatouille seasoning, fish paillottes, flatfish and whitefish cooking... A simple recipe: with 100g of raw vegetables (cucumber, zucchini, carrot, daikon, peeled cherry tomatoes), mix 1 tablespoon of toasted sesame oil + 1 tablespoon of shio koji. Chill for 30 minutes and enjoy...

Kagoshima, Japan
100 g net
500 g net
Doy-pack pouch
50% Kagoshima garlic, malted rice, salt, alcohol
refrigerate after opening
Nutritional values
Per 100 g : energy 153 kcal (649 kJ) ; fat 0,4g, of which saturates 0,14g ; carbohydrate 32,9g, of which sugars 18,2g ; protein 4,4g ; salt 5,981g.


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