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Natural cherry blossom sakura flavor

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Sakura cherry blossom aroma, the Princess of flowers in Japan, is ubiquitous among all confectioners and manufacturers of confectionery, chocolates, beers, ice creams...

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Sakura, Japanese cherry blossom trees, belong to the genus Prunus family.
They make beautiful ornamental trees but do not produce edible fruit.

Sakura's edible flowers and leaves have a distinctive flavor and divine aroma. Taste of Sakura cherry blossom is on the subtly sweet and flowery side.
It does not have the fruity taste of cherries.
You may be surprised by the almond taste without bitterness. Its delicate aroma with an elegant pink hue increases its appeal.
Sakura flavor becomes stronger and deeper with pickling.
Sakura traditional pickling process can take up to one month.

To pick, flowers are collected before they are in full bloom. They are washed and sprinkled with salt. After wringing out the excess water, plum vinegar is added to preserve color and they are dried. Dried flowers have a salty, acidic taste with a floral touch.

Sakura cherry blossom aroma use is not limited only to the spring season.
It is part of the Japanese sweets emblematic flavors.

As for dosage, approximate amount of sakura essence recommended is about 0.1 to 0.2% of the total product weight.
Some examples :
jelly : 0.1 to 0.05% of the total weight
soft candy : 0.2% of the total weight of the ingredients
white chocolate : 1% of the total weight.
No specific quantity is set for bakery products: use 0.1% as a guide and adjust accordingly.
In principle, amount should be adjusted while tasting.

In addition, it is recommended to put sakura essence last to avoid unnecessary heating which would alter flavors.

Safety precautions : CONSULT THE "ATTACHMENTS" (PDF format)

Kanagawa, Japan
1 kg net
10 ml net
Glass bottle
PET bottle
alcohol, purified water, cherry blossom, salt, ume plum vinegar, citric acid
keep refrigerated


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